DTLC Radio 002 – Success Story

Testimony time
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This week we’re talking to one of my clients, Andrew, in order to get his perspective of coaching and hear him share how he has begun the process of transforming his life.

Andrew is just 21 years old and started coaching before reaching that milestone birthday. His goal was simple, to start moving toward where he knew both he and God desire him to be. Andrew is a Junior in college majoring in Social Studies Education with an emphasis in government, economics, and historical perspectives. He is a distribution coordinator for an up-tempo gourmet food delivery company. He is also a musician who plays drums, bass guitar, and some guitar. He is a founding member of No Limit, an alternative rock band in the Tri-State area of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Andrew is also a skilled communicator, writing for a dedicated blog site focused on the Indiana Pacers of the NBA as well as hosting his own podcast on the same topic.

Andrew started with four primary areas he wanted to focus on: his purpose, overall fitness, overcoming obstacles, and “being” a better person (i.e. Christian). These were refined from his objectives of determining where his potential lies with regard to his future education and vocation, getting in better shape, identify his weaknesses and temptations while confronting them head-on, and being a good man.

After struggling between education and journalism as majors, Andrew was able to narrow his interests and better understand his gifts and S.H.A.P.E. and determine that education was where his passion lies. He has also been able to get past “being lazy” by shifting his mindset and setting personal, weekly goals for himself. Along these same lines, his fitness goals have seen some of the most dramatic changes. His health is greatly improved, his nutrition is much more sound and stable, and he is working out regularly. To date, he has dropped from 245 pounds to 209! His goal is to reach 187 by April 25. Keep in mind, that his overall physique is changing and thus may not necessarily result in weight loss but in overall “shifting” through the loss of body fat percentage and increased lean muscle mass. Meaning, he may not reach his goal of 187 pounds but may reach his goal of being in shape and looking good.

His final goal was to learn the process of becoming the man God has called him to be. Although we did not get to this topic in this podcast, suffice it to say that he has seen significant changes in this area as well, some of it directly related to his other three goals. This remains a topic for a future updated interview.

Andrew is a sharp young man and many can be encouraged by his insights and experience to this point. He is proof that you can change your life at any stage. Transformation is not reserved for the young, the mature, or the highly experienced…it is available to anyone willing to set their mind right. Andrew addresses this key component and discusses his experience with getting his mind right.

I trust you will be encouraged by Andrew’s testimony and challenged to begin the process yourself. Until next time, go live your potential!

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