Are You A Slave and Whose Slave Are You? (124)

...choose you this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. - Joshua 24:15
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This is really the wrong question. Paul’s point in Romans 6:15-23 shows that you are a slave. The question really is: Whose slave are you? “Who’s your daddy?” – a modern idiom – implies you haven’t yet determined whom you will serve. Through your conversion, as Paul points out, you have already made that decision.

Free To Sin?

Too many people believe that being “under grace” and no longer being “under law” means you’re free from obedience to the law. Not true! In fact, you have actually reinforced your responsibility to obey God’s commands. We touched on this last episode (Free OF Not Free FROM). Those who lean (or outright teach) antinomianism simply do not understand grace. Nor do they understand the law or a Christian’s relationship to the law. Further, they fail to recognize Paul’s clear teaching in Romans 6 & 7.

But I Don’t Wanna Be A Slave!

Sorry, you are. Simply be virtue of not being the Creator – and being a creature instead – you’re a slave. Now, before we get too deep into this analogy, understand that Paul is speaking in “human terms” (v. 19) so we can better understand. He is NOT attempting to portray God as a domineering, whip-wielding, slave master. What he is doing is helping us see that whatever we “obey” becomes our master.

Herein lies the issue. You are either a “slave to sin” or you’re a “slave to righteousness.” You don’t get to determine whether or not you’re a slave (i.e. that you’ll be obedient). But you do get to determine whom you will obey.

You can either obey a loving, kind, generous, and good God who makes your burden light (Matthew 11:30). Or, you can be a slave to a dictator who only seeks your destruction. Grace does not diminish our obligation to obey God’s commands. Not one iota!

Gift or Wages

Paul puts grace in terms of a gift given by God. At the same time he places sin in terms of wages earned. Simply put, the choice is ours. Whom will you serve. Accepting grace and redemption necessarily means that we have willfully submitted ourselves to a new Master. A Master who loves and cares for us and provides for our every need. Knowingly giving in to sin again just doesn’t make sense for any Christian.

Obedience to Christ is the essence of what it means to call Him Lord.


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