We Have Relocated…Sort of. (The Future)

The future as we move
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Yep, I’m still here! For those of you following along you may have noticed that my last post/podcast was last November just before the debacle known as the Presidential election. (BTW, the date of this post is June 10, 2021) A lot has changed since then that prompted the selling of our home in Arizona and subsequent move across the country. Exactly where, you ask? That my friends, will be revealed in a future podcast. Suffice it to say that I’m not “Back Home Again…” but I have gone back to my roots!

The “Sort of” Part

Yes, we did sell our home in Arizona. True, we have moved across the country. But, we have not yet moved into our new home. Why? Because we are building it. In fact, we purchased 25-acres and are building a cabin. Needless to say this process takes time and given the recent and current state of things relative to building materials, that process may be extended.

Some of my things are in storage, including my recording equipment. Other items are in need of replacement, like my computer. Still others have not yet been built or purchased. With that in mind, it will be some time before I am able to get back regularly recording podcasts. That said, I will be returning to complete our study of the book of Romans.

The Future

When we do get back to regular posts and podcasts, it will be with a revamped and expanded approach. As mentioned, we will finish our study of Romans. In addition, we will get back to the specific area of coaching for Christian living. My hope is to also expand into other areas specific to our new lifestyle and the possible addition of video production. (You may be aware that I do have a Youtube channel but never really made it a priority.)

With a new location I anticipate a new thematic, new music, and possibly some redesigned logos with other updates. I guess the theme at this point will simply be “new.” You’ll have to judge for yourselves whether it’s also “improved.”

Until Then

This process actually began several years ago when we first moved to Arizona. Twenty-twenty, as you know, affected a lot of things for the entire world. In my little sphere it simply accelerated an already existing plan. Late last year the speed really picked up and now we’re doing a lot of “hurry up and wait” as we build a new home.

The study on the first eight chapters of Romans is still available and I encourage you to continue your study. Even more beneficial would be for you go back and study it again…and again and again. I am convinced that it is a key – if not THE key – to understanding the gospel and the Christian life! You can’t study it enough.

Over the course of the coming months we will be building – both a new home and a renewed focus – and moving. I may be able to keep you updated but don’t count on it. I’ll be back when things are a bit more solidified and established. Until then, go live your potential!


UPDATE 6/27/2022 – I wish I had good news…but I don’t. Our efforts to build a home have run into one snag after another. We’ve had uncooperative General Contractors and builder’s estimates that have been way out of proportion for what we’re trying to accomplish. Now on our second builder and third GC, the financing side of things – which was squared away – is now throwing yet another monkey wrench in the works. Still undecided on exactly what we’ll do, we seem stuck in an endless cycle of hurry-up-and-wait-evaluation. Needless to say, we aren’t close to being settled or being able to return to the direction we had set. Friends, this is where your faith comes into play! More specifically, my faith! We will get something going soon and will be back on track. Hard as it sometimes is to realize, we’ve still made progress moving forward. What we’ve learned has been valuable and all things come in His time. Thanks for your prayers and I’ll be back…DT


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