Relationship Coaching

A man and a woman on a pier unhappy
Has your marriage gone from “I do” to “what do I do now?” Are you struggling in a particular relationship at work, in your family, or with a neighbor? Are you looking for answers on how to be a better spouse? Are you recently married and having trouble transitioning into a true partnership? Have you been married for years and need a shot in the arm…or a kick in the seat…to get things going again? Are you dealing with an empty nest and need to be reintroduced to your spouse? Are you recently single and finding it difficult to adjust? Maybe you just need someone to talk to, to be a sounding board, and help you clear some things up that will strengthen your relationships, all of them.
Whatever the case, I can help. I’ve been married, divorced after 17 years, and remarried now for 8 years (happily, I might add!). My wife has also been through the anxiety, depression, and overwhelming feelings that come with divorce. On the flip side, we both know, understand, and celebrate the experience of finding that special person who makes everything else pale in comparison. I’m married to my best friend and didn’t even know that she’d be my best friend when we got things going. I’ve learned lessons, endured hardships, and grinned ’til it hurt as a result of my relationships. I can offer insight, clarity, and probe with questions that will help you discover the answers to making your relationship a model to be followed. You will become a coach yourself, with your marriage as the client, and you’ll be amazed at how radical the change can be.

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