Professional Development Coaching

group leadership training with people around table
Today, leaders are expected to produce more work in less time, with fewer resources, and at higher standards of quality. The challenge is you’ve likely been given greater authority but it’s coupled with little to no additional preparation for leading others. You now find yourself trying to manage against expectations and¬†behaviors necessary to succeed. I have experience that can be of great value to you. Improving and increasing your capabilities by coaching observation, reflection, inquiry, critical thinking, and practice will build and maintain your morale and make you even more valuable to your organization. It will also have a halo effect with those you work with, meaning they will be influenced as well.
An area of particular focus and one of the key components of being an effective professional is communication development. Professional development includes other skill areas but all have a common denominator in communication. Communicating with co-workers, leading a team, working in tandem, and presenting your ideas or findings is critical to long term growth and short term success. There may be other areas such as problem-solving, conflict-resolution, decision making, persuasion, or vision casting which you are in need of cultivating and adding to your professional toolbox. These and others can be identified, strategized, and put into practice, making you more of an asset and major part of your team and organization.
This also includes coaching in the area of career coaching and honing skills you will need to advance and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. In case you’re not sure what those goals should or could be, that’s where coaching comes into play. As a Board Certified Career Coach, I help assess your skills and interests while you draw important conclusions. This helps determine appropriate and attainable goals that will pay dividends in saved time, energy, money, and heartache. Think of professional development as executive coaching for anyone who desires to invest in their own long-term success.

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