pastor talking to pastor
I served in pastoral ministry for over 20 years and know first-hand the challenge of being “the guy” everybody looks to for spiritual guidance, hope, encouragement, instruction, discipline (although rarely), and leadership. But who pastors the pastor? Who does the preacher go to for insight, help, guidance, instruction, encouragement, and support? The elders, in decidedly too few situations, can serve in this capacity to some degree. But pastors are always in a unique situation, keeping everyone at an arm’s length in case situations deteriorate or someone gets upset and suddenly you find yourself without a church. It’s a difficult balance to be “in charge” and be the leader while also being a servant leader and submitting to the leadership of other church leaders.
Pastors have a unique and challenging position and must maintain unique relationships to be effective. Over a long tenure, a pastor can become very close with other men and leaders in the church who minister to him and become his “Jethro.” Unfortunately, this is not the case the vast majority of churches, especially smaller congregations with limited resources and manpower. What if word got out that our minister was depressed, discouraged, thought of leaving the church or even leaving the ministry altogether? This is a big fear among pastors, especially those who are doing their best and are still only managing to move forward an inch at a time…if that fast.
I offer you, the pastor, access to my services and my experience. In fact, I will offer you a special discounted rate, depending on your particular situation and need, so you can take full advantage of coaching. I can help you through difficult challenges, maneuver obstacles, and navigate the change that must take place in all congregations and among their leadership. If you’re not changing, you’re dying. Healthy churches – and healthy pastors – don’t have to be told to grow. They grow because they’re healthy. Coaching can help become or maintain a practical and increasing health to make sure you’re serving from as full a bucket as is possible.

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