Executive Coaching

Executive coaching session over coffee
Executive coaching is differentiated from leadership coaching and professional development in terms of the position served by the executive. Unique and special challenges come with being the face of the organization and leading from the C-level. The pressures, responsibilities, and accountability are altogether different. Executives have special needs, tasks, and goals that others in the organization simply do not have. It’s a question of role and responsibility, not of capability or social class. It’s one thing to have responsibility to cast a vision for your team or department. It’s a completely different thing to have responsibility for developing a vision for an entire organization.
Executive coaching addresses these special areas of interest and need for upper management and C-level leaders. One-on-one interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus and insight that other forms of organizational support simply cannot. Executives are often adept at being able to say, “I want to go over there.” Even the best leaders however, don’t always know how to do it. The smart ones acknowledge this and seek assistance.
One of the greatest advantages to having a coach as an executive is having an objective perspective. Many times, executives wind up surrounded by “yes” people who are reluctant to be totally open and honest with you for fear of repercussions, rightly or wrongly. Even your family, who want nothing but the best for you, struggle to offer a truly objective perspective. Most of the people in your life are directly, positively or negatively, by your choices and decisions. Since a coach is not impacted by these decisions, he or she is in a much better position to remain objective and tell you like it is.
Whether you’re going through a change, require a change, or simply need a fresh look at an old problem, coaching could be for you. Other areas of need for executives often includes a need for balance between work and family, marital and relationship challenges, interpersonal skills, and having a true sense of purpose. All of these areas, and others can be addressed through executive coaching. Having worked with and trained upper and executive level leaders, and having served in similar capacities with similar challenges, I can provide a quality of coaching that will help gain a firm grasp on your future and grow into the leader you’ve been called to be.

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