Old Self New Self (121)

Old self new self - old open bible - romans 6:5-11
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Your “old self” is dead and buried! Your “new self” is alive and well. The question is, are you aware and actually living this way? And yes, you can live this way even under quarantine.

Old Self New Self

Paul is addressing three questions about the role of law in relationship to living under grace. If we are living under God’s grace, what is the purpose of the law? Do we have to obey the law? Is grace a license to live how we please?

Paul says, absolutely not! If you have this attitude or understanding of grace then you really don’t understand it all. Your “old self” – the person you used to be who followed temptation and sin’s every whim – is dead and buried. They don’t even exist anymore. Or don’t you know that that is what happened to you in your immersion?

Old and New

This teaching about your “old man” and the “new man” is fundamental to understanding your redemption. The old man is dead and gone. He does not even exist any longer. The new man – the new creation – has replaced it. Yes, your new man has to live in an “old body” but only for a time. During that time you have the opportunity to retrain and discipline your flesh to be obedient to the new self.

Your physical death then, is actually a blessing! How? By allowing you to finally (at that point) to be rid of the flesh that still inhabits sin. Being saved (redeemed, justified, born again) has two parts, just as personal sin infects two curses.

First, sin mandates a penalty payment…a “sin-debt” to God. Second, it forces your “old self” to become a slave to sin as its new master. Redemption is necessarily a “double cure.” First, you are released from responsibility for paying the penalty by virtue of Jesus paying it for you. Second, your “old self” is crucified in immersion by literally and spiritually coming into contact with the blood of Christ, dying, and being buried. You’re then “born again” as a “new creation” and rise as the “workmanship of God, created in Christ Jesus.” For what purpose? To live a new life of obedience to God without the pressure of doing so perfectly.

Do you understand this?


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