No Condemnation & Deliverance From Bondage (129)

If Romans is the Himalayas, chapter is its Everest - picture of Maroon Bells range in Colorado - no condemnation
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No condemnation! If Romans is the Himalayas, then chapter eight is its Mount Everest. Deliverance from bondage is freedom in Christ. The key is understanding exactly what we have been freed from. Only then will things begin to make sense and give you true independence.

No Condemnation!

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus – Romans 8:1. Never has there been a greater and more welcome declaration! (A close second might very well be the Declaration of Independence of the United States.) No condemnation – freedom from bondage – no penalty for you! All because of Christ Jesus our Lord.

For many people Romans 8 is the pinnacle of the Bible. It emphasizes the Christians assurance of penalty payment and victory over the power of sin. It is the climax of the Gospel of grace. And yet, so many people misunderstand and misapply it to their daily lives. Or worse, fail to see its significance to their daily life.

The Most Succinct Statement of Substitutionary Atonement

Romans 8:3-4 may very well be the most succinct statement of substitutionary atonement found in the Scriptures. It perfectly describes what Jesus came to do – in our place.

It is His payment of our penalty that sets us free to truly live. Our redemption and regeneration, together with the indwelling Holy Spirit, give us power of sin. No more living in fear of reprisal or retribution. No more fear of death. Living under the power of sin and death has come to an end.

That all sounds great…but what about what Paul just shared about Christian living in 7:14-25? There it doesn’t sound that easy. Well, easy it is not. However, that does not mean we cannot and will not be victorious. Freedom in Christ is about knowing the truth and reality of who and Whose we are. The daily battle is about living out the reason we’re here.


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