DTLC Radio 021 – The Magic Power of Music as Motivation

music is the strongest form of magic
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Music has the power to motivate, inspire, and reach into your soul. Today, more than ever, music is literally everywhere. You can’t go to any store, mall, restaurant, park, or event where music is not a prominent part.  Even if it’s just in the background, music is all around us. It has the unique power to touch every person and quite literally, be a universal language. Music can also serve as powerful motivation.

What’s In Your Ears?

What music are you currently listening to and regularly playing in your life? What you chose to listen to has the capacity to set your mood. Moreover, it has the ability to change your mood, motivate, and inspire you. Music, and specific types of music, can push you to change and help you stay on track. Lyrics too, especially those you know and sing along with, affect you as well. Are the lyrics of songs you listen to positive, uplifting, and challenging you to move forward?

Too often, we just turn on the radio and don’t give much thought to the lyrics of songs we hear. We might know them but rarely do we take time to consider how they effect our attitude. It’s funny to hear a song you haven’t heard in a long time – years or even decades – and discover you still know every word. The mind has an incredible power and music, when used rightly, can provide all kinds of benefits and motivation.

Never Surrender

Winston Churchill once gave a speech to his old school. The speech was short and simply repeated the phrase, never give up. Churchill also gave a famous speech about fighting on beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets, and hills…”we shall never surrender.” The question addressed here is, are you simply living just slightly above the level of mediocrity or are you living full? Have you settled or have you committed to never giving up and striving for all God has for you? Music, and specifically the music you chose to listen to, provides a means of keeping you focused. Choosing wisely can go a long way to keeping on keeping on.

Fight the Good Fight

Keeping the faith and fighting the good fight. Does this describe you? Even in secular music we can find God’s truth making its way to the surface. Why is this? Because truth always rises to the stop. What you fill your heart and mind with, in the form of music, can be a powerful partner in accomplishing your goals.

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