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Blues Brothers - On A Mission From God
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Mission – what you’re called to do – is born out of who you’re called to be. Being before doing, but doing is just as important for living a joy-filled life. After all, we want to hear the Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” That means we are supposed to be doing something. How to determine what you should be doing is the topic of this episode of DTLC Radio.

Multiple Missions

You have multiple missions because you have play several different roles. Just like you don’t have a singular passion (probably), you likely won’t have a singular mission. The various roles for which you have responsibility help to determine your missions. You may be a daughter, wife, mother, and Vice Principal at the local elementary school. Or, you may be a son, husband, father, and small business owner. Each of your roles will have a different mission for you to accomplish and “do.”

Your purpose in each role – who you are called to be and become – remains the same throughout. What you do shifts, ebbs and flows from role to role. This means your “mission statement” may be somewhat broad or seemingly “generic” because the specificity is spelled out within each role.

Your roles will also change over time, from decade to decade. What you are called to be doing in your 20’s is not the same as it will be in your 40’s. Likewise, as you, your children, and your parents grow older, your roles will change accordingly. This means regular revisiting to update and adjust so you can stay on track and confident in your calling.

Benefits of Knowing Your Mission

Knowing who you’re called to be and become is more than half the battle and key to determining what you should be doing. Knowing your mission gives several benefits:

  • Know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to
  • Keeps the main things the main things
  • Provides consistency and continuity – which breeds security, confidence, and stability
  • Provides motivation and energy because you have a sense of direction with the roles you fill
  • Opens your mind to new opportunities

There are several questions you can ask yourself and a process you can work through to help determine your various missions. This episode lays out the questions and outlines the process that bring you answers. Episode 19 is part three of a four part series on vision, purpose, mission, and goals. Episode 20 will delve into goals setting and accomplishment, all in relationship to fulfilling your vision, purpose, and mission.


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