DTLC Radio 069 – An Introduction to the Book of Romans

The Book of Romans - picture of the coliseum
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The Book of Romans has been called “the greatest Christian work ever written.” That’s pretty high praise but is one of numerous accolades and honors paid to this letter. Written by the Apostle Paul (circa A.D. 56-58), Romans is considered the quintessential work on Christian doctrine and specifically the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Influence of the Book of Romans

The influence and impact of Romans on the history of the Church cannot be overstated. In fact, it is directly connected to the conversions of Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and many others. The content of the letter is responsible for The Reformation, Protestantism,  and most revivals experienced in Europe and North America. Without a doubt, it is the deepest and most profound of the New Testament writings.

Why Study the Book of  Romans?

The content of Romans is second to none. As a result, studying it develops deeper understanding and maturity of faith. In my experience, many Christians don’t comprehend what it means to “live by faith.” Faith in what, exactly, and what does living by faith look like on a daily basis? How do I deal with my failures? What is my struggles lead to doubt and lack of assurance of my salvation?

Coaching is about results. That being the case, Christian coaching is about consistent awareness of the results that have already been accomplished. Specifically, the accomplishments of Christ through His cross on our behalf. That is to say, do you know the meaning of Christ’s death “for our sins.”

It is my belief that Romans offers the greatest insights for understanding faith. Also, if successfully living the Christian life is your goal, a study of Romans is mandatory. Therefore, realized potential and the ongoing potential to transform your life is ultimately rooted in grasping fully the truths found in Romans.

In this episode, we begin the long journey of studying Romans by offering a brief introduction to the Book. Who is the author? Who is the audience? What is his intent and purpose? How is it pertinent to my life? What questions are answered in this letter? These questions and others are addressed in this episode.


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