Glorification! Our Inheritance & Hope (134)

Adoption: Heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. Romans 8:17
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Glorification! The full redemption of your whole person. This is your promise. This is your hope.

Three Phases of Salvation

The first phase of your salvation – justification – is the application of Christ’s blood your heavenly account. This pays the penalty you owe for your sin. By faith – believing God and what He has said about His Son – your debt is cancelled. The penalty due has been paid if full by the blood of Jesus.

The second phase of your salvation – regeneration – is the conversion of your ‘old man’ to a ‘new creation.’ By the power of the Holy Spirit – ‘the workmanship of God’ – your old self is buried into the death of Jesus. In its place a new life is ‘born of the Spirit’ and rises from the waters of immersion. In addition, you are sanctified – set apart as holy and sacred – by the gift of the indwelling of the Spirit of God. He now resides in you and serves as the power for you to live a life of obedience. Thus begins your ‘progressive sanctification’ and lifelong pursuit of holiness.

The final phase of your salvation – glorification – is the replacement of your current sin corrupted body. Your already-made-new spirit presently lives in a yet-made-new body. This body cannot inherit heaven, it’s mortal and tied to this world. When you die physically, your already-redeemed-spirit leaves this body and resides with God. You are ‘present with the Lord’ until such time as you receive your redeemed – glorified/resurrected – body. This glorification is your hope. Glorification is the completion of your salvation. After glorification, your re-united and redeemed spirit and body will then inhabit the ‘new earth’ prepared for you.

Your Inheritance

Glorification is God’s promised inheritance to you. But it is only the beginning. In Romans 8:14-25 Paul describes the eager craving that our body and the world have. Both are waiting for the glorification of the other. Paul calls it our ‘hope’ and the promised fulfillment of our redemption. It is simply the final stage of our salvation.

First, we are Justified. We are justified by faith through grace in baptism. Then we are ‘born again.’ We are born of the spirit, converted and regenerated, to live a life consistent with God’s law. We receive the indwelling of His Spirit as power and down payment on our final inheritance. Sanctified, we are set apart to live righteous lives that pursue holiness. Finally we will be glorified. Our reward is glorification and a new body to match our already-made-new spirit. In this final form we receive our full inheritance…life eternal in the presence of God with Christ.


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