Do You See What I See? Not Christmas (139)

do you see what i see?
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Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? I know you’re thinking of Christmas and the song of the same title but I have a different intent here. Can you see and recognize what is happening in your country? Do you understand what God is doing? Are you even aware that God is the One who is doing it?

Not Always As It Appears

Things are not always as they appear to be. Case in point, what is happening across our great country. It is not only political division between differing ideologies on how to govern. There is not just an uptick in violence. Racial discrepancies have always existed. This is not just the result of hate against a sitting President. There is something more going on and we need to be paying particular attention to it.

This is clearly the case when you have a biblical worldview. When you read the accounts in Scripture of God’s repeated warnings, man’s failure, and God’s response it becomes clear. Our nation is under the judgment of God. As a country, we have spurned God over the past five decades and pushed Him further and further out of our lives. Even in the Church, we are guilty of forgetting our first love and denying the truth. We have openly stopped preaching God’s Word in exchange for more palatable “self-help” and “personal improvement” topics. We’ve neglected the truth for too long.

Shaken To Awaken

A recent catch phrase is to be “woke.” Woke means to be enlightened to finally see the oppression of the system that “the man” has imposed. This is especially true with regard to minorities. The problem is that the “woke” are actually blind to what is really happening. Only the redeemed are truly “woke” and see life as it really is.

Do you see? Or do you think you see? Reading through the pages of Scripture, it is difficult not to recognize that God is shaking thing up. Literally! Through the various upheavals, natural disasters, political tensions, and unrest, God is the one doing the shaking. The goal? To wake us up from our slumber.

I am convinced that God is using – through permission and intention – these events to get our attention. Why? For the same reason He did so throughout the Old Testament and New. To call us to repentance and confession. To turn to Him and seek Him that He might relent and heal our land. This was not meant only for the people of Israel. The writer of Hebrews let’s us know that God is still at work to call His people to repentance and subsequent faithfulness. We must follow the prayer of Daniel and pray for our country that God would demonstrate, again, His power and love for us. May God bless America.


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