Do Not Be Afraid! It’s A Command (138)

The phrase "Do not be afraid" is written in the Bible 365 times.
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Do not be afraid. Pretty straight-forward statement. The phrase is used 365 times throughout the Bible. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Three hundred and sixty-five times God tells us – commands us – not to be afraid. And yet, today – especially today (2020) – I see so many people living in fear.

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Paul’s admonishment and testimony at the close of Romans 8 is a great platform on which to preach this message. Do not fear! Don’t be afraid! And that message has never been more applicable.

With the coming of the “plandemic” – I mean, pandemic – of COVID-19, I have seen far too many people walking around in absolute fear. Fear of death and dying, sure. But also fear of contact, fear of proximity, afraid to even come out of their homes. The worst part is that many of the fearful are Christians. Being afraid is the exact opposite mindset God has called us to have.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was right, fear perpetuates itself. More than that, fear is of the Devil. Make no mistake! Fear comes straight from the pit of hell. Don’t believe me? Go back and re-read Genesis 3. Why did Adam hide himself from God? Because he was afraid. Why wasn’t he ever afraid before when he was in the presence of God? Because fear didn’t come from God, it came from the Serpent.

Don’t Be Afraid

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Great definition! Think about it; is that exactly what Satan tried to present to Adam…false evidence as legitimate fact? God literally commands us to not be afraid (see Joshua 1:9). Once a day, every day of the year, God has given us a reminder of this command in His word.

Living in fear is, in fact, sinful. Why? Because it denies the reality and truth of God as well as faith. Remember, without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Here’s a fact: You cannot have both fear and faith at the same time. Your faith is what overcomes fear. Faith that God is, that He is true, and He is a keeper of His word.

With all the fear-mongering and uncertainty being presented to us, either in the form of virus or politics, it’s even more important to have faith. Your faith is your strength, your confidence, and your assurance. It is was gets you through tough times. Don’t fall victim to the “victim mentality” and believe these things are “happening to you” because of something lacking in God. Or worse, that you’re being punished by Him. Remember last week’s episode? God is for you, not against you!


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