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Got Purpose? road leading to mountains
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Purpose, and understanding yours, is all about identifying who God created you to be. You have been created for a reason, a purpose. You have been created to be a specific someone, one who is unique and unlike anyone else. How does that make you feel? Excited? Fearful? Depressed? Your reaction depends on the degree to which you have been able to answer the question, who are you?

Life Calling

Knowing your life calling is answering the ontological question – a five dollar word that means the study of being – what is your purpose in being? Purpose is part of the four puzzle pieces of vision, purpose, mission, and goals. James addresses the connection between being and doing in his discussion about faith and works (see James 2:14-26). It is definitely a scriptural concept and one God is wholeheartedly in favor of you discovering.

Key Phrase

A key phrase to help you find clarity is: To get these results (your vision), I must be this kind of person (your purpose), and do these kinds of things (your mission). Filling in the blanks can help you find direction and gain traction to move forward. Keep in mind that this will take time, energy, and focus. It is a process but being proactive can make all the difference.

Benefits of Knowing your Purpose

The benefits of discovering and understanding your purpose could take pages to express. Start with a shot of confidence followed by a basis to keep moving forward resulting in better health, lower stress, and greater satisfaction. Those who have taken the time to proactively reflect and discern their purpose live in a state of joy few can express. I believe that it is part of the “peace that passes understanding” that results in seeking God (see Philippians 4:4-7). Seeking your purpose is about dropping anxiety, choosing joy, and asking God for insight.

It is my prayer that this podcast will answer a few questions but will also challenge you to seek a partner to help you discover your purpose and find true fulfillment.


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