And Then What Happened? (141)

No, really? And then what happened?
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And then what happened? This is the reality for all of us. We all have a “then what happened?” No matter your situation or circumstances…Regardless of your current concerns or worries…In spite of your anxiety and uncertainty, there is always a “then what happened?”.

Who Is Your King?

As of today (11/05/2020) we still do not know who the President of the United States is going to be. Even after it is “announced” there is likely to be a contesting and recounts. This level of uncertainty – given all that has led up to this election – is great fodder for worry and fret.

But remember what Jesus said in the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7)? He tells us very clearly that our citizenship is first in heaven and our King is God the Father. He rules and reigns over us. God is the One who looks out for us and provides. He is not unaware or unconcerned. The Father does not leave us as orphans to fend for ourselves.

On the contrary, He is our Warrior! God is our Light! Christ is our Savior! What could possibly be better than that?!

Then what? So what?

So we don’t yet know who our President will be. Does it matter? Well, yes, absolutely it matters! Does it make a difference? Well again, yes, absolutely! But in the grand scheme of things, Who are you gong to serve? Does your President and country come before your Savior and His Kingdom? I trust not! So what does it really matter?

What can man do to me? If God is for me, who can be against me? Whom will you choose this day to serve?

Good questions, all. And yes, our leaders in this life definitely make a difference. But they do not and shall not determine our faith and obedience. Our alliance and allegiance is to Christ. In the end, regardless of electoral outcomes, our devotion to God is to be unwavering. He gives authority and takes authority away.

And Then What Happened?

We all have a “then what happened?” in our lives. Regardless of circumstance or situation, life goes on. Even in death, there is something beyond.

Now, I agree that I would prefer the blessings or freedom and liberty as we have come to have them. And yes, I believe these are worth sacrificing and dying for under certain conditions. But I will not allow the uncertainty or threat of oppression determine how I live my life. And neither should you!

God is still on His throne! Jesus is still King of kings and Lord of lords! This is a great opportunity for us as Christians to stand up and live like we believe these truths…regardless of who ever sits in the White House.


Your Vote Matters

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