DTLC Radio 006 – Vocation: What Is Your Calling?

Vocation is more about who you are than what you do
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Job, Career, or Vocation?

Which one of those sounds like what you have? Which one sounds like the one you want to have? There is a difference you know. A job is not a career is not a vocation…these words are not synonymous, contrary to popular opinion. Part of what differentiates one from the other is your attitude and perspective toward work in general.

Do You Like To Work?

If you were to ask most people, “work” is a dirty 4-letter word that many are trying to get out of. Statistics show that only about one-third of those in the workforce believe they are in a position that is consistent with their calling…they’re doing what they have been called to do. Another third believe they aren’t doing what they’re called to but have not been willing to a change. Among Millennials, the statistic goes as high as 50% feeling a disconnect between their calling and the current reality of their employment. That makes for a lot of frustrated and resentful people going to work every day. No wonder the work place is not a happy place. Unfortunate.

Can You Have What You Want?

Fortunately, there is an answer to this dilemma. You can have what you want if what you want is a position of significance consistent with your calling. It’s called a vocation. Vocare – from which we get the word vocation – is a Latin word meaning “calling.” A career is a path that leads to and prepares you for and is consistent with your vocation or calling. A job is usually just a J-O-B, something you get a paycheck for, no more, no less. A job is often just a step up of from a chore, something you did as a kid to get your allowance. Consider how many people you know who have simply settled for a job and can’t understand why they aren’t moving forward. A job is a building block to get on a career path and ultimately obtain a vocation.

We all have a calling – a vocation ideal for us – that will put us in position to be the most benefit to others while finding the greatest degree of contentment and satisfaction. Your vocation can be in ministry – in fact most people understand the phrase “vocational ministry” – a calling to be a pastor, missionary, or the like. However, your vocation can also be as a doctor, big equipment operator, brick layer, plumber, teacher, lawyer, police officer, architect, nurse, cab driver, or myriad other occupations. If you can think of it, it can be a vocation. It’s all based on your gifts, talents, and the way God built you for service. Work is a gift from God and He desires you to work in your giftedness and to enjoy what you do. It’s not a sin to like your work. In fact, it’s a testimony of the faithfulness of God and His work in your life.

If you’re not presently serving in your vocation or you aren’t on a career path that will lead you there, then this podcast will be of great benefit for you. Also, if this describes you, check out the available coaching services that can assist in helping you determine your calling. Whether you’re experiencing a transition, need to determine your purpose, or need professional development, there’s a service that can benefit you and help you move into your vocation.


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