DTLC Radio 031 – Your Values Your Compass

Values Compass
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Your core values – what is most important to you – serves as a compass for your life. When you can identify and articulate your values, you can make decisions and set the course of your daily life with consistency. When you can’t, you’ll be frustrated, angry, disillusioned, chaotic, unmotivated, and a hundred other negative things. Not particularly someone others will want to be around. Living your life based on your values brings clarity, confidence, and life fulfillment.

Who You Really Are

Values the essence of who you are as an individual. In fact, they are very individualized and are neither right nor wrong…they are simply different. Your unique values express your personal uniqueness and are designed by God to bring you joy and contentment…when you live within them. Your values are also the underlying support for your vision, purpose, mission, and goals. Without them – or the ability to identify and articulate them – you will likely live life spinning your wheels and never finding your calling.

This is not the first time we’ve discussed your values and their importance. Previously, we discussed them in terms more directed at stress reduction. No doubt an important element. This time around we’re taking a deeper look into defining them and connecting them to your vision, purpose, mission, and goals. Previously, we walked through how to identify your values. This episode focuses more on their importance. Be sure to click the previous links to revisit those episodes.

Key Question

The key question this time around is: Are you living in alignment with your values? If not, why not? They are so important in serving as a values compass for your life and daily decisions. Neglecting them in any way will only lead to dissatisfaction and continued questioning. When you catch yourself asking, why am I even doing this? You can bet the reason is due to a lack of clarity on what you value – at least in respect to living consistency with them.

Your values compass – when not calibrated by you – will be calibrated by external influences. Meaning, your at the will and whim of circumstances and other people’s decisions. Not an envious position to be in, for sure. Take charge of your life and spend the effort to know what is important to you. Then, determine how to create a strategy for living that out in everyday life.

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