DTLC Radio 023 – Finding Meaning Through Life Values

Life Values post-it notes of various values
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What you value plays a pivotal role in who are, yet most people are unable to define or explain their values. All of your decisions are based on what is important to you and what you believe about yourself and others. How you act, respond to situations, and where you invest your time and energy are all results of these standards.

Life Dissatisfaction

Those people who live life inconsistent with their values will find themselves frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied with life. Many people who cannot quite put their finger on the problem soon discover that it is this inconsistency that is causing the issue. Cognitive dissonance, anxiety, depression, and the like are symptomatic of life dissatisfaction and general unhappiness.

Research shows that living according to your values increases personal levels of contentment and feelings of happiness, regardless of circumstance. Studies also show some values improve these levels while others drag them down. Not surprisingly, people of faith routinely report being more satisfied and content with their lives than do their non-faith counterparts.

Values and Meaning

Identifying your values and then living and making decisions that align with these beliefs is directly correlated to having a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. The challenge is that most people fail to invest the time necessary to work through the identification process. Once identified, decisions are easier to make and confidence in living increases.

Another key benefit is stress reduction. When you make decisions that align with your beliefs, stress hormone levels stay low because there is no reason for them to increase. You’re living consistent with who you desire to be and what you claim to believe. This episode discusses these relationships and provides a tool with which you can do a personal evaluation. Remember, having a coach to walk through this process with you can pay huge dividends in the long run and save you time, money, and energy.

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