DTLC Radio 045 – Eight Keys to Successful Living

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Foundational to your success is how you define it. Depending on your definition, you may or may not achieve success. The Bible defines success and successful living in dramatically different terms than the world. It is important for your definition to be consistent with God’s views of a successful life.

The Base

While your definition of success must correspond to God’s, so your spiritual development must be built on your relationship to Him. Nurturing your spiritual life is imperative to living a successful life. This episode offers seven other areas which will help you build the life you desire. That said, and returning to the initial point, none of it will matter unless and until your relationship with the Lord is firmly established and growing.

The general things to keep in mind when planning and working toward the successful life you desire include but aren’t limited to:

  • Doing what you love – starting as a hobby and building up
  • Seeking balance in your life – body, mind, spirit, emotional, etc.
  • Focus on your personal growth – specifically in the area of spiritual development
  • Write out your goals – iv you can’t articulate you likely won’t achieve
  • Control your thinking – living without fear or regret is a byproduct of having a right relationship with the Lord
  • Surround yourself with people who will help you achieve your goals
  • Have an accountability partner – your spouse, close friend, or personal coach can meet this need
  • Build it all on a Christian foundation and biblical worldview

Your life is going to go through regular ebbs and flows – ups and downs – keeping your self focused will help you overcome and find success. It is interesting to think about these things and see how they are interrelated. You might be surprised by how working in one are will help you in another, and vice versa. Keeping your eyes on the prize and making regular effort to move in a positive direction will often lead to successes you never imagined.


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