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Stressed out! Burnt out! Overwhelmed! Exhausted! Does that describe you or someone you know? If so, you’re in luck, because this episode is about stress management and how coaching can help.

Everyone Is Stressed!

Everyone is stressed. We all experience stress of different degrees and for different reasons. No one is immune to the effects of stress. However, we are likely experiencing greater levels of stress than at any time in human history. Why? Because we no longer make the time to recover, renew, and refresh our minds, bodies, or spirits.

Stress is a necessary part of life. Without it we could not survive. We’ve all heard the illustrations of butterflies needing to experience the stress of coming out of the cocoon. It helps them build the strength they will need to survive. Jesus’ brother, James, tells us in James 1 to consider it joy when we experience stress. It teaches us reliance on God and molds us in Christ’s image. It is part of God’s plan for your life and that perspective can change everything!

Stress Epidemic

The problem comes when our stress is out of control and fail to maintain a proper life balance. Extreme stress may very well account for 70%-90% of all doctor/hospital visits. It has become an epidemic and people struggle daily to manage the stress in their lives.

Gallup, together with Princeton Research found the following in a recent study:

  • 80% of workers report feeling on-the-job stress
  • 50% say they need help learning to manage stress
  • 75% of employees say they have more on-the-job stress today than they did 10 years ago
  • 26% of all workers report they are often or very often burned out by on-the-job stress
  • 30% say they are either quite a bit or extremely stressed at work every single day
  • Over 50% say they work 12 or more hours per day
  • Over 50% skip lunch because of work related stress – they don’t have an appetite
  • Job stress is more strongly associated with health complaints than financial or family problems.

There are signs of extreme stress that you should definitely pay close attention to, as it can affect you spiritually, physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

Life Is Stressful

Life is stressful. We all know this. Life creates change and change creates stress. The trick is learning to identify it sources and equip ourselves to manage it. This is where a coach can help you develop a strategic action plan to bring your life back into balance. One of the key pieces for success is aligning your behavior with your beliefs. When there is inconsistency – a gap between what you believe and how you act – stress will result. The greater the gap, the greater the stress. Coaching is specifically suited to helping you decrease that gap.

In this episode, I provide you with a tool you can use to help determine your greatest sources of stress. Once identified, you can begin to address them and bring them back into balance.

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