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Job Stress at Home

To one degree or another, we all have to deal with job related stress. Even those who serve in their areas of passion and vocation have to deal with job stress. One of the biggest challenges is keeping it from interfering with our home life. We live in a world of paradox. One one hand we have technology at our fingertips promising an easier life. On the other hand we have information overload, we are lonelier than ever, and most are stressed beyond their ability to cope. According to recent studies, job related pressure is American’s number one complaint. Nearly 125 million working adults report physical ailments directly related to job pressure. The American Medical Association suggests nearly 90% of doctor visits are stress induced issues.

A Breaking Point

When you have reached the point of declaring, “I just don’t care anymore.” “I’m done and I just don’t care anymore.” When you are resentful of your job and those you work with. When you start to break down physically and emotionally, you have reached a breaking point. If something does not change you are going to be in big trouble on a variety of life fronts. You do not have to wait until the situation reaches this point to make significant and lasting changes to live and work, relatively, stress free.

Bringing Job Stress Home

Are you bringing home the pressure of your job? Is your spouse and family bearing the brunt of your negative perspective and angry demeanor? Do they walk on egg shells to keep from upsetting you? In this episode we discuss the warning signs that you may have crossed the line and are unable to keep job tensions from consuming your life. In addition, we offer practical, down-to-earth suggestions that can help relieve some of your stress and protect your family.

Perspective is Everything

The answer to coping with job related angst boils down to your perspective. How you chose to see your job and other people has everything to do with how well you will cope with stress. Small adjustments in your attitude and perspective can have profound results. Not only can you get a grasp of your situation but you can also discover a means for overcoming it. If you are challenged by stress related to your job or you recognize there is no separation between your job and the rest of your life, this podcast can help.

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