DTLC Radio 049 – Spring Cleaning for Your Soul

Spring Cleaning - with cleaning supplies and bubbles in the air
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Spring is a great time of year! Longer days, warmer temperatures, and brighter days. Opening our doors and windows to let in the light and sun often reveals the dirt we’ve accumulated over a long, dark winter. Every year at this time people take days or even weekends to go room-by-room and clean. Not only does this look and smell better but it feels better, too. A clean house is a welcoming space where you can relax and unwind.

Don’t Neglect Your Soul

What’s good for your home is equally good for your soul. Let this time of year serve as a reminder to clean the dirty areas of your life as well. Over time we allow clutter to collect, dirt to pile up, and shiny things to get dingy. Winter has a way of keeping us in the dark and unable to see the dusty conditions around us. Spring forces us to open the doors and windows and let in the clean air and light.

The problem comes when the light reveals the dirt we weren’t seeing before. The same can be said about your soul and spirit. Over time, the dirt settles in unless we are intentional about cleaning things up. We must remove the clutter and things that distract us from the Lord. Dirty thoughts and actions leave us in need of disinfectant and a good scrubbing. Daily annoyances and resentments get in the way of clean living and need to be vacuumed. Unless we begin to polish and organize the things that need cleaning, not only does our home become uncomfortable but our lives do as well.

Perfect Timing

Spring is the perfect time to examine our lives and begin the task of cleaning things up. We all have things – sin – in our lives that needs to be cleaned, disinfected, and put out of the house. When the Son-Light shines in on what is clean and fresh, our energy grows, perspectives shift, and life gets exciting again. Don’t put this off another day. It’s your tomorrow. Right now is the best time to take action.

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