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Weight room - Back on the gym grind
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Sometimes, getting back on track after having fallen off is a struggle. Such is the case when it comes to training and nutrition. If you’re like me, maybe you worked hard to get in shape for summer only to let your summer routine wane. You looked good in a swim suit in May and were comfortable taking off your shirt at the pool all summer but you stopped working out. It’s easy to find yourself in this situation and forget there really is no “off season.” At least there shouldn’t be one.

Summer Came…and Went!

I put a lot of work into getting in shape for summer so I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious around the “super fit” folks. Problem is, I let me routine lag, let me nutrition take a lot of time off, and just stopped working out. I gained a few pounds and noticed a couple pairs of pants not fitting like they did last May. I got too comfortable. I stopped paying attention and being intentional and now I’m paying for it.

Last week I started working out again only to discover that it hurt! I am out of shape – at least out of the shape I was in a few months ago – and it’s all my fault. I got lazy. I took most of the summer off from eating right and keeping to my exercise programs. I had too many hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, and summer foods. I had too many “island drinks” that pack serious calories and sugar. I lounged too much around the pool and just looked at my weight equipment on the back patio. Friends, it don’t do you any good to just look at it…you gotta use it!

Back to the Grind

Getting back on track after a layoff can be tough…and it can be painful. I started running last week and got back into my workouts, starting with leg day. I hurt! My legs, my quads, my glutes, they’re all sore. But here’s the issue. I can focus on the pain now and stop or not work as hard…or, I can get back after it (slowly and smartly, of course). I have to get my mindset back on track and accept the reality that pain is going to be part of the process. Especially in the beginning. Once you can get past the first week or two, the pain will subside and the gains will come.

I should have been smarter. I should have kept up with my routine. But I didn’t. Hopefully my confessions and challenges in this episode will serve you well and help you get back on track. We’re in the last quarter of the year. Let’s finish strong!


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