DTLC Radio 043 – Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Staying motivated to reach your fitness goals.

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Motivation – staying motivated to reach your fitness goals – this is where the rubber meets the road.

How To Stay Motivated

The way you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals – or any goals for that matter – is an issue of focus. What are you focusing on? Do you focus on the things that are likely to push you toward giving in and giving up or are do you focus on what you can achieve…today?! Your answer will have a lot to do with your success. This episode is recorded six weeks into the new year – about the time when many people give up on their resolutions and goals.

Motivation is the result of focus, intentional focus. While it’s great, and necessary, to have big goals, you must also have goals small enough to achieve on a regular and consistent basis. Taking your bigger goals and shrinking them into manageable, bite-size pieces increases your odds of success. Because we are impatient, we tend to only desire the bigger achievements, which causes us to miss the smaller ones that keep us going.

Specific Steps to Take

Obviously, the first step is shrink your large goals into smaller ones. These smaller goals should be achievable within a week or so. For instance, having a goal to lose 50 pounds is great but shrinking that goal to 2-to-3 pounds per week makes it realistic and something you can maintain over a longer period. Or maybe your goal is to increase your weights on your lifts – curls, bench press, squats, etc. – the same principle holds true. Increasing your load by 2-5 pounds allows you to get stronger while experiencing consistent success.

Having a partner or a group to share with is also an important key to success. One of the reasons why Weight Watchers® is so successful is because of the group concept built into the program. There is strength in numbers as well as accountability and consistent challenges to do better. The importance of your goal is also significant, as is the ease with which you can reasonably accomplish your goal. These are just a few of the highlights discussed in today’s podcast.



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