DTLC Radio 079 – The Righteousness of God – Part 1

The gospel reveals the righteousness of God
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The righteousness of God is said to be revealed in the gospel (Romans 1:17). As far as human beings are concerned, righteousness is conformity to the proper standard, norm, or law. At least that’s how the Bible defines it. Simply stated, righteousness is meeting the requirements of the law.

By this same definition, we can define sin (i.e. unrighteousness) as failing to conform. In a word, lawlessness (1 John 3:4). By this definition, how do we apply it to God? To what law or standard must God conform? Once defined, how is this “good news” (i.e. gospel) to sinners? Well, in this episode we deal with the first of these questions. What does it mean that God is righteous?

The Righteousness of God

Simply stated, that God is righteous means that He is true to Himself. His law – including that which He has given to us – emanates from Himself. God’s law is part of His nature. Thus, when we break it, it is a direct offense to God Himself. This results in the severity of sin’s penalty.

Understanding these definitions is crucial to comprehending the impact of the gospel. In fact, it is what makes the gospel “good news” to sinners. But this is just the beginning.

The Righteousness of God Revealed

This episode lays some of the ground work for digging deeper into what is revealed by the gospel. More specifically, what is revealed by the events of Christ’s crucifixion and why it’s good news. What we see in the cross will be discussed next time. This episode helps you understand how God is righteous to better grasp what He reveals through the cross.


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