DTLC Radio 080 – The Righteousness of God – Part 2

The gospel reveals the righteousness of God
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This week we continue to develop our understanding of the “righteousness of God” revealed in the gospel, according to Romans 1:17. We have discussed the definition of righteousness. Also, we examined what it means for God to be righteous. Today, we take a look specifically at how the righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel.

The Key To Opening Your Understanding

Understanding and grasping exactly what Paul is describing is the key to comprehending much of the Bible. I would go even further and say that it has the potential to release you from the frustrating life you’ve been living to this point. This critical concept of how God’s righteousness is revealed will free you in ways you never thought possible.

I have found that most Christians do not have a clear comprehensive understanding of this doctrine. Many are falsely taught that we are “made righteous” by Christ’s perfectly lived life. This is not true. Many others understanding justification to mean “just if I’d never sinned.” This too, is false. Do you know the difference between Christ’s “active righteousness” and His “passive righteousness?” This episode of DTLC Radio will help you come to a clearer and more biblical understanding.


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