DTLC Radio 053 – Three Things To Remember In Your Pursuit of Holiness

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Three Things to Remember

In your pursuit of personal holiness, remembering these three things will help you stay focused and overcome setbacks. Perspective is everything! How you see yourself, the world, and your relationship to God affects and effects every aspect of your life. This is true relative to your pursuit for personal holiness as well. You will discover – if you have not already – that the path of holiness is difficult and challenging. Don’t give up or fall back to your old ways of doing things. Stay focused on your objective and the motivations behind it.

Remember Christ’s Perfect Life

The holiness of Christ is what makes Him a viable sacrifice on your behalf. The fact that Jesus lived a perfect life, which means He kept all aspects of the Law, is what validates Him as a perfect substitute. When we accept His life as lived on our behalf, and believe in His death, burial, and resurrection as part of it, we are justified before God. Through repentance and faith in Christ and His life we are re-positioned in our relationship with God.

Christ’s holiness is equivalent to His righteousness – a righteousness that is imputed to us – granting us a change in position. God made Jesus who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God – 2 Corinthians 5:21

Remember You Have Switched Kingdoms

Through the holiness of Christ and your confession/reception of that truth, you have been re-positioned. Quite literally, you have been moved out of one kingdom and into another. You have left the kingdom of darkness and sin’s domination and entered the Kingdom of God, of Light, and Grace. No longer do you serve the evil master but the Great Master. You are no longer a slave to sin but a slave to Christ – a slave that has been granted the privilege of being called Brother and Son or Daughter and Sister. What a gift!

Remember You Are In A Battle

The fight is real. The battle is legit. It’s a real fight and requires effort, intestinal fortitude, and gumption and grit. You will be challenged and targeted…every single day. But you have the power and authority within you through the Holy Spirit to overcome and win the fight. Everyone must fight the good fight. Even the great Apostle Paul had this experience, one he shares in Romans 7.

This episode of DTLC Radio continues our discussion of pursuing personal holiness and its importance to your success.


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