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Re-Creation - mountain lake scene
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Re-Creation (i.e. recreation) is a necessary, although often neglected, part of your life. Too many people claim to not have “time” to relax. Others confess to feeling guilty for taking time for themselves. In this episode, I discuss not only the importance but the outright necessity for setting yourself as a priority in your life.


You have to be intentional about making time to relax, renew, and refresh. Just like scheduling any other important meeting, event, or activity, unless you’re intentional about it, you’ll likely never “find” the time. I have challenged you before to not “find time” to work out but to “make time” to work out. Same goes for vacations and recreation…you must schedule it and make it part of your calendar.

You control your calendar, nobody else does! You do what you determine to do and you spend time on those things you set as priorities. Are you a priority in your own life? Does your health and well being matter when it comes to accomplishing your tasks and serving as you’ve been called? You bet your sweet bippy it matters! And it matters a lot. You cannot serve out of an empty bucket. The longer you go trying push through without re-creating yourself periodically, the more likely you are to burn out.

Burn Out Can Be Avoided

Burn out can be avoided but it must first be anticipated. Going long periods of weeks, months, or even years without adequate time away is just going to put you in the ground faster. My vacation to Colorado last week really set in stone my adamance about “Find Your Beach” and having a right perspective. Whether it’s for 15-minutes a day, one day a week, or a 2-week summer vacation, you need time to rest.

Jesus commanded and demonstrated this principle for us. He took the disciples to the beach for a vacation after they had worked hard serving others (see Mark 6:31-32). God commanded it in the 10 Commandments – honor the sabbath day (Exodus 20:8) – so there is biblical precedence for making time for it. Re-creation is the purpose of recreation, relaxation, and leisure.

Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you don’t need it. You desperately do! And so do I. Having the potential to transform your life can only be realized when you become intentional about being who you’ve been called to be.


Clear your mind

You can’t serve from an empty bucket


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