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Passion defined
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Passion and vocation (i.e. what you are meant to do with your life) often go hand-in-hand. They are frequently viewed as synonymous – two peas in a pod – though that is not necessarily true. The pressure to know your passion, to pursue it, and to “live your dream life” begins during your teens and often continues through the rest of your life. Some people know what they are passionate about and quickly find a way to live it out. Others, the majority, need to understand that passions are most often discovered through the process of living.

Passion, Perspective, Purpose, Possibilities

Passion and its identification is a cornerstone principle in my coaching. Knowing what you are passionate about helps you determine direction, identify action steps, implement change, and move forward. Your perspective of passion is equally important. I do not believe that every person has one singular passion for which they are responsible to live out. I believe we each have multiple passions and there are myriad ways to live them out. Passions can change, as they are emotions. What you are excited about today may not excite you tomorrow. So how do you identify your passions and maintain that enthusiasm on a day-to-day basis? This is what we discuss in this podcast.


Too often, people get stuck trying to determine “that one singular passion” they have so they can build a life around it. The problem is, you don’t create your life first and then live it out. You create your life by living it, not agonizing over it. Every day is a new opportunity to discover what ignites your passion. Really “being alive” is about walking through the doors that open for you and taking advantage of opportunities as you meet them. Waiting around or not making a decision or not taking a particular job for fear that it is not the right one will stagnate you. You won’t be stuck because you are on the wrong train going toward the wrong future. You are already stuck because you are waiting for passion to move you. Move without it and allow it to reveal itself to you.

Passion has Power

Understanding that there are right passions and wrong passions is critical to being successful. Passion has the power to change you, to increase your potential, to raise your level of determination,  and to keep you from quitting. But the focus of your passion is important. If you don’t develop the right passions, you will default to the wrong passions. You can learn to be passionate about the right things and the main things and avoid focusing on the wrong things and the minor things. Passion is key to your success but it is not the only key.

Passion for Being

Having a passion for being the the person you have been created to be is foundational to realizing your true potential. Being passionate about who you are and who you are becoming is something you can cultivate every day, regardless of your circumstances. In fact, because of your circumstances, you may have great opportunities to grow in the image of Christ. This will pay dividends far greater than any position you could attain, any amount you could ever earn, and any goal you might ever achieve. Your potential is literally in who you are, not what you can do.

Pursue your passion…allow your passion to pursue you…and go live your potential!
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