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No bragging! There is no bragging or boasting about your faith. More specifically, there can be no bragging about your being justified by faith. Why? Because your justification is not based on anything you did. Nor is it based on anything you can do. The truth is, whatever you attempt to do to “gain” or “earn” your salvation will fall woefully short (Isaiah 64:6). (see Philippians 3:2-11)

Boasting Is Excluded

As we come to the last section of Romans 3, Paul declares that all bragging and boasting is eliminated and excluded (3:27). On what basis? On the basis that justification is by grace and not the result of anything you can contribute to it..

Jesus is the one who has paid the payment of our penalty due to God for having sinned…for having broken the law of God. Justification by faith – being declared righteous by God – is “apart from law.” This aspect of justification being “apart from law” or “apart from works” or “apart from works of law” is crucial. It is critical to our understanding of the conditions for salvation.

The Law of Faith

Justification through the law system would permit bragging. If you kept the law perfectly, you would have grounds for bragging about your justification because it would have been all based on your keeping the law. But since all have sinned, justification by the law system is not possible and therefore bragging about it is not possible.

The same is true under the grace system. Grace excludes boasting because all the work(s) that produce salvation within this system was accomplished by Christ. The only thing we sinners can do is react and respond to His divine works and passively receive them.

“Where, then, is there bragging among you? It has been eliminated. By which system of salvation? The law system, in which you are justified by works of law? Nope. On the contrary, through the grace system, in which you are justified by your faith in Christ Jesus.”


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