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justified - Romans 3:21-26
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How can a sinner – like me – be justified before God? If I cannot keep His law through perfect obedience and can never pay the penalty due in full, how can I ever be saved? The law of God leaves no other alternatives. How can sinners be brought back into a right relationship with God and His law?

Finally, Some Good News

After hearing the charges against us – all of us – that we are guilty under the law of God, there is finally some good news. I’ll be honest with you: I’m glad that section is over! Unless you’re a masochist, I’m sure you’re glad as well.

There is nothing “fun” or enjoyable about hearing that you’re wretched, guilty, and deserve punishment. Even little children realize how unpleasant this is. Worse is the reality that there is no hope. There is no way for you get yourself out of this situation. You’re going to go to court. You will stand before the Judge. It is an absolute certainty that you will be found guilty. There is definitely a penalty that must be paid. That’s the way the law works.

But, there is good news. Now, there is an alternative that is not part of the law system. There is a way you can be justified before a holy and righteous God. But you can do nothing to earn it or deserve it. You can only accept and receive it. Why? Because it is a gift.

Getting What You Don’t Deserve

Grace. That’s the only way. It’s the only alternative. But thank God there is an alternative! This section of Romans – chapter 3 verses 21 to 26 – has been called “the most important single paragraph ever written.” The message conveyed here will literally change your life and your eternal destiny.

Now it’s starting to get good. The gospel – the good news – has finally arrived! What we learn from this point forward is nothing short of miraculous.


Series Starts With Episode #69

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