DTLC Radio 085 – We’re All Hypocrites

The destructive nature of hypocrisy - Romans 2:17-29
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No one will be saved by his relationship to the law of God. Whether that law is the “law of Creation” – that God exists and deserves our honor and thanks – or the Law of Moses makes no difference. All law demands perfect obedience. Failure to be perfect results in condemnation. It’s as simple as that.

Jews No Better Off Than Gentiles

Ignorance of the law is an unacceptable defense for Gentiles. Because they do know the law and have in fact, suppressed its truth. Jews will not be saved simply by their possession of the Law of Moses. Any law – every law system – requires perfect obedience in order to be justified (i.e. saved; in right standing with God). There are no exceptions. The Jews will not be shown any favoritism in the final judgment.

Paul makes the point that only doers of the law can be justified. An unqualified verb in the original text, doers implies perfect obedience. The hypocrisy of the Jews – possessing and teaching the law but not keeping it themselves – brings condemnation upon themselves. Worse, it brings ridicule and mockery upon God Himself. And that ain’t good.

We Are All Hypocrites

The truth is, we’re all hypocrites to one degree or another. None of us is able to live up to the standard of thought and conduct we set for ourselves. Whether we deny God exists or insist people live by the commandments of the Bible, we’re all failing. This is exactly Paul’s point. None of us can escape judgment if we continue to see law-keeping as the way out.

Understanding, accepting, and living in this truth will help us to keep a right and humble perspective. The value of studying this is surely not lost on you. Think of how different your work or home environment would be if everyone simply remembered this one thing…no one is perfect! Yeah, you laugh at that because we all say it. But how many of us actually believe it to the point of not expecting perfection in others…or ourselves? Again, our hypocrisy knows no bounds.


This Series Begins With Episode #68

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