DTLC Radio 027 – Things to Stop If You Want to Find Happiness

stop doing list
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This week’s episode covers a list of things we can stop doing if we want to find happiness on a daily basis. I’ve said in the past, happiness is circumstantial and we should seek joy instead. I still believe that to be true. However, we can have an influence on those circumstances in the way we react and respond. We all have a tendency to engage in the actions discussed but we also have the power to stop doing them. In doing so, I believe happiness has a greater opportunity to be planted and grow.

Others First

There is a right way and a wrong way of putting others first. Comparisons, complaints, and being overly concerned with what others think is not going to help you grow forward. Not only will it hinder your own progress but it will also affect those around you. Likewise, when handled more appropriately, the affect and influence becomes positive. The choice – yet again – is ours.

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