DTLC Radio 028 – Things to Stop If You Want to Find Happiness – Part 2

stop doing list
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This is the second of a three part podcast – to be continued next week – on things you can stop doing to find daily happiness. Again, the emphasis should be on finding joy, an internal reality rooted in your relationship with Christ. Happiness is too often based on externals and things or people over which we have no control. There is a constant ebb and flow – an instability, really – in our circumstances and those around us. Not a good place to find security and “happiness.”

Character Traits

The truth underlying much of this list is our own character and its development. The list contains items associated with perception and perspective, choices and attitudes. I’ve said repeatedly that there are only two things in this life over which you have absolute control: your attitude and your actions. Interestingly, one follows the other. If we can get our attitude and perspective right, the tendency will be for everything to “fall into place.”

Happiness from Within

The truth is, our happiness is a byproduct of our joy and our joy must be rooted in an unchangeable reality. We must build our lives on rock and not sand, if we have any hope of being secure and stable. Too many of our external influences – in fact, all of them – change on an almost daily basis. Even people closest to us can seem to turn on a dime and present to us in ways we didn’t see coming. In a world of upheaval, we need strong roots…for ourselves and our family.


Part I in this series

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