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gumption - we shall reap if we faint not
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Gumption – it’s a word we don’t hear much anymore. There was a time when many – if not most – people spoke of gumption. Some have, some don’t, but all need it. Gumption is the self-initiative, aggressive moxie that has the courage to change the status quo. This lost key to success taps personal resourcefulness, provides bold enthusiasm, and persists in moving forward. It may sound like an old-fashioned idea but I believe the time has come for this concept to be renewed and restored.

Got Gumption?

Gumption is about taking responsibility, facing your shortcomings, and determining to grow. I didn’t mention this during the episode but it occurs to me now…I find it interesting that gumption contains the name Gump, as in Forest Gump. Do you see the picture? Forest Gump never let his “slowness” keep him from the things he desired to accomplish, even if they appeared to be accidental. Forest was always thinking ahead and moving forward. He took life a day at a time, dealt with what each day brought him, and did not make excuses. I think there are some great similarities there that serve as instructional illustrations for us all.

Gumption is not sitting back and just letting life happen to you. It’s about taking charge of what you can – your attitude and actions – and making the most of it in living for Christ. Gumption is about increasing self-awareness that focuses you on what lies ahead and taking it on head on. In this episode, I discuss eight things you can do to increase your “gumption level” to realize your potential to transform your life.

What You Can Do

  1. Use your mistakes as learning opportunities
  2. Celebrate your daily successes
  3. Avoid the traps of negative self-talk and others’ negativity
  4. Remind yourself why you set this goal to start with
  5. Increase your resourcefulness
  6. Be persistent
  7. Increase your enthusiasm by being fit and healthy
  8. Be courageous – not avoiding fear but “doing it scared”

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