The Gift is Greater – Romans 5:14-17 – (109)

Romans 5:15 NIV
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The entire point of Romans 5:12-21 is that the gift of grace is greater than any or all of the effects of Adam’s sin. To miss this is to miss everything else explained in the passage.

Giving Credit

This episode begins by addressing an email that I received pointing out my negligence in giving proper credit to those authors, instructors, and influencers from whom I have readily drawn. I admit that I have been lax in this reporting. To correct this, I have posted a list (although a very incomplete list) of many of the men from whom I have learned. You can read the post here. In addition to this post, I also address this at the beginning of this week’s episode.

On The Shoulders of Giants

There is no denying the influence others have had on our lives. This is especially true for those of us who have endeavored to learn from and then teach others. This takes on greater significance when we are doing so with regard to Scripture. Below I have included a few links to a couple of the most influential and most recent persons from whom I have garnered a great deal. These are provided for you to have access to the same for yourself.

The Gift is Greater

Jumping back to our study of Romans, our next section, verses 14-17, we see Paul emphasizing Christ over Adam. More specifically, whatever the effects of Adam’s sin on humanity, the cross of Christ has overcome, negated, and much more! In this episode we address several of the issues we’ve raised previously with respect to the scope of “many” and “all”, as well as the “much more” found in Christ.


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Additional Resources

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