Christ Is Greater Than Adam (110)

Romans 5:18
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Christ is greater than Adam. This is the primary point being made in Romans 5:12-21. Whatever consequences Adam’s sin brought on every man, the cross of Christ has negated for every man. No matter what consequences Adam’s sin could have brought on every man, the cross of Christ has canceled for every man.

Christ is Greater

Christ is greater than Adam. The cross is greater than the consequences of sin. Grace is greater than sin itself. Grace prevails!

Failure to see this point in this passage ultimately pollutes many – if not most- other doctrines and conclusions drawn from Scripture. As I’ve mentioned before, this passage – and its misinterpretation – is the root of much of the division within Christianity. Why do we have all these various denominations? Much of the reason is found in misunderstanding and misapplying this passage. It’s that important.

Universal Grace

Universal grace is not only available to every person…it has already been applied to every person. Grace and its universal application however, does not equate to universal salvation. The grace of God through the cross of Christ is indeed applied to every human being at conception. Every baby is born free from any consequences of Adam’s sin, save one, physical death.

We are not born depraved. We are not born guilty. No one has ever been born condemned as a result of Adam’s sin. Why? Because grace – Christ – is greater than sin and specifically Adam’s sin. Even physical death – a necessary part of salvation’s plan – is negated and overcome by Christ (1 Corinthians 15:54-57). Does this fly in the face of what you have been taught? Is this seemingly inconsistent with your denomination’s “statement of faith”? Probably.

Listen to this week’s episode and you’ll soon discover that it is, in fact, the truth of God’s word.


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