DTLC Radio 015 – Understanding God’s Specific Will for Your Life

God, what is Your will for me?
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Understanding God’s specific will for your life is not part of a game of Hide-n-Seek the He is playing with you. God wants you to know what His specific will is for your life and He is more than willing to show you. The problem isn’t that His specific will is hidden, it’s that we’re aren’t looking at it from the right angle.

God’s Universal Will is the Key

Understanding God’s universal will for your life is the key to understanding and discerning His specific will. If we are not living under God’s universal will, we will never see His specific will. It works like this. When you are submitting to and living according to God’s universal will, you are living in His will…you’re under that umbrella. When situations, opportunities, decisions arise, since you are already living within the will of God, any choice you make will be within His will. The specific choice may be viewed as His “specific will” but it is revealed in His universal will.

Now, “any choice” obviously does not and cannot include any decision that would be contrary to God’s Word. To do so would be to violate and came out from under His universal will. Obviously, such a choice would create big problems. However, while living within the universal will, any decision will be within the same “will of God.” The choices – or a better way to think of them is as options or opportunities – become His specific will. But you say, “Yeah, but I determined “His specific will” and not God. No, you determined which course you would take and God allowed you the freedom to do so as a reward for living under His universal will. God has not revealed every specific decision you should make to remain within His will. Why? Because the decision does not make that much difference to God.

There is No One Right Decision

There is no “one right decision” you have to make before God is willing to bless you. It is mistaken to think that if we don’t make the “one right decision” that some how we will be out of God’s will. He doesn’t operate that way. Instead, He gives us great freedom to choose and decide what we would like to do based on our spiritual gifts, heart/passions, interests, education, and experience. Just like determining your passion, you don’t have just one. And failure to identify that “one” will result in agony and regret.

Living within the universal will of God provides us the opportunity to explore who God has created us to be. You can dream as big as you’d like. There are no limits. Will one choice be better than another? Possibly. All choices become part of who we are and where we’re going. Can it be challenging to make a decision? Yes, of course. But that doesn’t mean that there is a bad decision, necessarily. Understanding God’s will for your life in this way gives you the freedom to choose from multiple good options.

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