Go With What You Know! – Romans 5:3-5 (103)

Your worst battle is between what you know what you feel
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Go with what you know! This is a phrase that I use on a regular basis. Interestingly enough, Paul basically says the same thing in Romans 5:1. Justification by faith – for the one who has faith – is a present reality. It is not a distant wish or a figment of your imagination. Right now, you truly are justified and you truly are saved, by faith.

Peace With God

The direct result of this reality is an equally amazing dual reality. You are no longer an enemy of God! We have peace with God, through faith in Jesus Christ. You are no longer at war with God. And make no mistake, you were at war with God. Hard to believe we would even consider such a thing – being at war with God – how absurd.

And yet, we were. I was too. Think about it. At war with the Creator of the universe?! How amazingly ignorant, obstinate, and arrogant must we be to think this is a war we can win?! Utter insanity. And still millions openly welcome such a battle. Sad. It is truly sad.

I Don’t Feel Saved

Many of you may know that I am a product of the 80’s, specifically 80’s rock music. Most of you will also remember I’m a fan of Sammy Hagar and Van Halen. I can’t help but think about the line from a song on the 1984 album. “I don’t feel tardy.”

Just because you don’t feel something does not mean that reality isn’t different. David Lee Roth may not “feel tardy” but that does not negate his “being tardy.” In the same sense, your “being forgiven” (i.e. justified) does not necessarily mean you will always “feel forgiven.” You have to go with what you know. What is the truth? Has not God declared you justified by faith? Your circumstances and experiences have nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of your salvation.

Go With What You Know

Being at peace with God is an objective state. It is not a subjective feeling. However, the subjective feeling and “peace of mind” is a natural consequence of being at peace with God, objectively. The key is knowing it.

If you want to “feel” peace you have to trust in “knowing” you are already at peace. As a Christian, you are truly saved and you are truly at peace with Him. He has declared it so. If God has said it is a fact, why should we doubt Him? Has He not demonstrated His trustworthiness? In fact, Paul will tell us in later verses that the biggest reason to trust Him now is because “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Go with what you know, not how you feel.


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