DTLC Radio 009 – Get Your Body Right

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It has been said that without your health, you have nothing, and it’s true. Few things in your life are as important as your physical health. The fact is, you cannot and will not reach your full and true potential unless you are physically fit. Apart from your perspective, nothing has as great an impact on your confidence as being in shape. Your personal fitness affects your mood, emotions, thinking, perspective, beliefs, relationships, energy, commitment…nearly every aspect of your life. If you want to change your life, one of the most practical things you can is commit to getting in shape.

Get Your Mind Right

Just like the other areas of your life, getting fit starts with getting your mind right. If you want long term success and life change in the area of fitness, you have to start by changing the words you use. You have to stop using the terms exercise and diet and start using the terms training and nutrition. Why? Because it affects your perspective which in turn affects your commitment.

The connotations of diet and exercise are short term. You “start a diet” so you must plan to “end” your diet. Exercise is something you do when you can fit it in. Training on the other hand, is something that is part of your lifestyle. It is part of your daily routine and something you schedule and schedule around. Nutrition is about fueling your body and eating the right things without depriving yourself of individual cravings. Diets are super-restrictive…nutrition plans are flexible. Exercise is haphazard…training is planned and purposeful. If you don’t have your mind focused correctly, your odds of success are greatly diminished.

Benefits Beyond Health

The benefits of getting and staying in shape go well beyond physical health. Your perspective of yourself – the way you see yourself in the mirror, naked – has everything to do with realizing your potential. If you are not confident in yourself or do not think of yourself in the right way, you will never achieve your potential. That said, I’m not talking about a narcissistic, self-righteous view of yourself. Nor am I talking about self-esteem. I am talking about a healthy respect for yourself.

Do you see yourself as a child of God, made in His image, redeemed for His purposes, and confident that you’re representing Him with the best version of yourself? If you hate what you see in the mirror, chances are good that you’ll struggle to have a good relationship with the Lord. Moreover, you’ll lack confidence in Him (and yourself) to be able to make changes. The process of getting and staying in shape helps you move in the direction of the best version of you. Very few things can affect and influence your confidence like personal training and fitness.

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