DTLC Radio 016 – The Secrets You Keep

If I told you my secrets, you'd never look at me the same again.
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For many, the greatest fear is having their secrets found out. But what if those secrets are the very things causing you trouble and keeping you from moving forward? In this podcast, we tackle the dilemma of needing to keep our secrets while desiring to be fully known.


We all have them. You have them and I have them. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. The burden (beyond carrying deep, dark secrets) is the dilemma between having others know the real us and desiring to be known and accepted. Many secrets we carry long term are deeply personal and possibly traumatic. These experiences can leave deep scares and unhealed wounds. Letting them be known is often not even an option.

The problem is, these secrets are likely crippling you and keeping you from realizing your true potential. The desire to be fully known is overridden by the pain of the past. The end result is mental, physical, and emotional discomfort that affects and infects every area of your life. Living life while hiding from your past – who you really are – takes its toll. Often, your subconscious compensates for this by habits and behaviors you wouldn’t otherwise indulge if you were free in the truth.

The Answer

It can be hard to hear and even harder to do…but the answer is to reveal the truth and share your secret. Fear of judgment, condemnation, ridicule, and abandonment are just a few of the concerns secret keepers have. Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. That is true in so many ways!

The freedom that results from ridding yourself of this burden is visible and goes beyond description. The guilt and shame we carry alongside our secrets is replaced with acceptance, grace, forgiveness, and love. These come not only from God but from others we trust as well. Soon, over time, we can learn to share our story and allow God to use it for His glory and in service to others.

Getting there is definitely a tall order. No one knows your secrets but you. That said, you’re the only one carrying the pain as well, which impedes your progress and keeps you from realizing your true worth and value.

It is my prayer that this podcast will serve you, bless you, and challenge you as God uses it to work in your life.

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