What people are saying.

∴ I have learned more under Dave’s instruction than I’ve learned in the last 50 years.  – Randy Q.

∴  I have never seen things so clearly since my work with Dr. Turpen.  – Theresa S.

∴  Dave has made more a difference in my life than any pastor or teacher I’ve ever had.  – Dan C.

∴  Dave is the best instructor I’ve ever had…period!  – Ezra B.

∴  David’s passion and belief in me was contagious and moved me to take action and responsibility…and I’m so glad I did.  – Glen W.

∴  I could listen to Dave’s instruction all day long…he’s that good. He makes hard concepts clear to me so I’m able to understand them.  – Darren C.

∴  Pastor Dave made us better elders by what he taught and how he led us, and he certainly held our feet to the fire.  – Andrew C.

∴  I can’t say enough about Dave’s leadership training and his personal leadership and organizational skills. He’s helped make me a better elder and a better person and gotten me back on track to being what I’ve been called to be.  – Lavon H.

∴  I know I’m a better person, a better Christian, and have a deeper love for Jesus than I did before I met Dr. Turpen.  – Janet C.

∴  David truly has a gift and a passion to share that gift with other people who are open to it. I am so grateful for the value he has added to my life.  – David S.

∴  I wish all my professors at college were as good and interesting and genuinely cared like Dr. Turpen. Then we’d all love going to class.  – Amanda B.

∴  God revealed so much to me through Dave’s coaching and teaching that I can’t begin to describe it.  – Geri J.

∴  I can honestly say I have learned more and grown more in the past couple of years than ever before. My desire to learn was inspired by a passion in you, a real life person, like none I have ever seen….for that, I thank you!  God has given you an amazing gift to teach.  – Jacki Y.

∴  Dave clearly has the ability to teach any age group on nearly any subject, or so it seems.  He is a gifted and talented speaker and teacher and obviously has a love for both.  He is always prepared and goes out of his way to make sure we all understand before he moves on.   – Randy M.

∴  The best instructor I had in four years at Ball State.  – Kyle R.

∴  Dave’s work is nothing less than thorough excellence and exactly what you should expect from a professional.  – Al S.

Excerpts from Letters of Recommendation

∴  Without a doubt David was the most outstanding student I ever had the privilege of teaching and he demonstrated academic excellence throughout his [doctoral] studies…As with his academic efforts Dr. Turpen brings a level of excellence to his endeavors, whether in the area of career, professional development, interpersonal relationships, family and his strong Christian faith. I am pleased to give a strong endorsement for him as former student, professional colleague, and personal friend.  – Dr. Timothy Heck, LMFT, Associate Professor at Argosy University, Associate Professor at Liberty University

∴  David is a visionary when it comes to new ideas and is not afraid to think outside of the box.  He is very organized with what he wants to do and is excellent at communicating his thoughts and ideas with those he works with.  He is just as comfortable sharing an idea with one person as he is standing in front of a hundred or a thousand. He knows how to challenge those he works with to do their best and the results are often transformational.  – David Beals, Pastor at Williamsville Christian Church, Williamsville, IL

∴  I have recently retired from Texas Christian University as a Professor Emeritus after 17 years as a Full Professor, Chair, and Associate Dean as well as Director of the Business and Professional Communication classes. Part of Dr. Turpen’s responsibilities when I was at Ball State University involved teaching Basic Speech Communication and Business and Professional Communication classes in both the standard classroom model and the hybrid online model, where he assisted me in development of the course.

Dr. Turpen has continued to expand his knowledge beyond the M.A. in Organizational and Professional Communication to obtain an MBA and doctorate degree along with the development of unique and demanding teaching experiences associated with the ministry. He has obtained excellent reinforcement from his students, community groups, and academic leaders.  This has demonstrated an outstanding ability to adjust and maximize student learning. He has consistently received praise for his performance with dedication, discipline, and maintaining very high standards. David has fully demonstrated a quality blend of creativity, insightfulness, commitment and leadership. He relates extremely well with his students and they maintain very high levels of respect for him and his instructional style and dedication.

He clearly cares for his students and clients and their continued development. He consistently has demonstrated the ability to learn and to use that learning to make wise decisions. His commitment to integrity and high ethical standards are blended with an ability to use common sense to manage very unique situations.

I have the highest level of trust in him as a professional and faculty member and would not hesitate to hire him again were I in a position to do so. I am not known for providing outstanding letters of reference and rarely do so. This is one exception to the rule because he has not only met my high standards of excellence but has in several instances exceeded them. I offer to you my highest recommendation of Dr. Turpen. He is an outstanding professional that you will have reasons to brag about for years to come.  – Dr. Will Powers, CEO of Concept Keys, Inc., Lewisville, TX

∴  Dave has been a tremendous asset to our leadership team. He was able to develop and articulate a detailed vision for moving our church forward. Dave has a broad understanding of organizational structure and is able to explain his ideas with clear, concise illustrations.  He has used this unique ability to help direct changes in the various organizational units associated with the church as well as in the individuals he worked with. Positive progress is still evident through his initiative and persistence.

Dave’s ability to communicate in various situations is one of his greatest qualities. He can be direct and to the point when needed and appropriate, yet compassionate and empathetic when called upon.  Dave’s desire to serve the Lord is evident in his vision and passion.

Dave most definitely possesses the ability, desire, motivation, persistence, and passion to have a positive impact on any person or organization. As a leader, coach, or senior minister, Dave is extraordinary.  – Larry Yoder, Principal at Eastside Junior/Senior High School, DeKalb County Eastern School District, Butler, IN