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what must i do to be saved?
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Are there conditions for receiving God’s grace and salvation? Yes! And understanding that (a) there are conditions and (b) what those conditions are will make all the difference. How do you answer the question: What must I do to be saved? Your response could make an eternal difference.

According to the Redeemer

In our last episode we discussed the different relationships we have with God. First, we deal with Him as our Creator. As such, He gives commands that we are obligated to obey by virtue of being His creatures. Second, we deal with Him as our Ruler and King. We either honor Him or dishonor Him as such. Third, some of us will deal with God as our Redeemer. In this capacity God sets forth instructions. Specifically, instructions on how to receive His gift of grace.

Grace Conditions or Works of Law?

Are the conditions God as Redeemer sets forth the same as those He sets as Creator? Do we have the same obligation to follow them? Are these “conditions of salvation” just another way of catorgizing “works of law”? These and other questions are answered in this episode.

Biblically, “works” or “works of law” are any deeds we do in response to our respective law code. Gospel imperatives, on the other hand, are those conditions and commands given us by our Redeemer as to how we can be saved from our sin. One is related to God’s “manual” for righteous living. The other is instructions on how to receive salvation. Seems to me we had better know and understand the difference.

Condition Criteria

“The conditions for receiving grace must have as their primary characteristic the acknowledgement that the only ground of salvation is the redeeming work of Christ” (Dr. Jack Cottrell). This means there must be a focus within the condtions themselves upon the cross of Jesus. Without such a focus, the conditions would become simple works or human righteousness.


Study Romans from the Beginning

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