DTLC Radio 035 – You Have Permission to Celebrate Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
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Many Christians struggle with the idea of celebrating Christmas. Is Christmas a pagan holiday that should not be acknowledged by the church? Does God prohibit Christmas celebrations? If Jesus was not really born on December 25, why are we celebrating? These and many other questions can steal the joy of the season and ruin an otherwise enjoyable time. In this episode, you are granted permission – by way of God’s Word – to celebrate Christmas. What a thing to celebrate – the arrival of our Savior and give God thanks for His indescribable gift!

Guest Speaker

Instead of trying to cover all the material I’d like to cover, Mike Fabarez shared a similar message with his congregation. I first learned of Mike’s ministry through Wretched Radio and Todd Friel (wretched.org). Mike preaches in Orange County, CA. He delivered a Christmas message a few years ago that is appropriate for us to hear. Again, it made more sense for you to hear from Mike than for me to try to “reinvent the wheel” so-to-speak. As a result, Mike is our special guest.

Know The Bible

In my humble opinion, there are far too many people – Christians included – who are completely and utterly illiterate with regard to the Bible and what it teaches. Knowing what the Bible says and doesn’t say – IN CONTEXT – is critical to having a right perspective. Case in point (and there are numerous others), I heard someone on the radio state, “the Bible condemns Christmas trees and any Christian who has one is sinning.” Well, hush my mouth! I did not know that! So, as is typical for me, I noted their Scripture reference and looked it up myself.

The caller was referencing Jeremiah 10:1-5 and interpreting it as a condemnation of Christmas trees. Certainly, just a quick glance could lead someone to the conclusion that Christmas trees and decorating are forbidden by God. After all, the passage talks about “wood cut from the forest” and decorating it with “silver and with gold.” However, with just a little bit of effort and study you quickly realize God is not talking about Christmas trees. In the first place, the practice of decorating a tree was not yet invented. Secondly, the context of the passage is God’s command and judgement regarding the creation of carved images to be worshiped. God is talking about idolatry and making “gods” to be worshiped.

There are many more examples I could point to but suffice it to say, biblical literacy goes a long way in answering most, if not all, of our debates about Christmas and its celebration.

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