DTLC Radio 072 – Romans 1:1 – An Apostle of the Gospel of God

The Apostle Paul
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Paul is unique among the apostles – unique in his calling and unique in his experience – but he is no less an Apostle.

What Is An Apostle?

To be called an “apostle” in its Scriptural context, means that a man met certain criteria. Criteria that no man (or woman) can possibly meet today. As a verb, the term simply means “to send, as on a mission.” Our modern missionaries might be referred to in this light. They are sent on a mission to deliver a message.

As a noun – apostolos – refers specifically to those specially qualified and uniquely appointed to the highest human office in the church. They are “the Twelve,” “the Disciples,” the apostles of Christ. They all met certain and specific requirements in order to carry this title. Not the least of which was being called by Jesus personally and face-to-face to preach the good news. In this episode, we clarify these requirements.

The Gospel of God

The gospel comes directly to us from God Himself. The gospel that Paul preached was given him by Jesus Himself. God is the Author, the Initiator, and the One who gives approval and validation to its content. The message delivered is given by God…and it is Good News!

In this episode, we discuss Paul’s unique calling and his understanding of his responsibility. We talk a bit about Paul’s special call to take the gospel to the Gentiles.

This continues our study of Romans 1:1.


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